Forest Path SolutionsSolutions to the Global Warming Crisis

There are many solutions that have been proposed to address the climate change crisis. Despite this the problem continues to escalate. EcoAlliances is committed to developing cost effective solutions and innovative solutions to the problem.

There are two papers presented as part of the series with several more to come. The first paper is entitled “Victory Trees and Gardens: A Framework for Action.” It outlines a very cost-effective way to reforest our lands and communities.

The second paper addresses the important issue of decreasing the already critically high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and is entitled “Can Already Existing Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases be Decreased? Victory Gardens in the Sky.” It is a much more speculative paper and is presented as a preliminary plan utilizing high altitude balloons and near-space vehicles to accomplish this important goal. It is designed to generate discussion and comment as to the feasibility of the approach and generate ideas.

Victory Trees & Gardens Paper "Victory Gardens" in the Sky Paper

Please Let Us Be: Reforesting Our World

Video produced by Marty Korn, EcoAlliances – Woodstock, NY
Song by Marji Zintz –

Reviews for Please Let Us Be

“Please Let Us Be…very very exceptional…the entire message was right on target and the picture of the girl with a tear in her eye was absolutely awesome…what pictures! Everything came together with the audio, pictures, and the message was clearly creative!!!! The pictures and the animals…the pandas, everything was just superb!” SG

“Tears stream down my cheeks as I watched. Let it be, Let it be…My heart is full, the music, the voice, the pictures, the message, wonderful.” AS

YouTube Video on the EcoAlliances Urban Reforestation Initiative