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About EcoAlliances

Marty Korn

Marty Korn

EcoAlliances was developed by Marty Korn of Woodstock, NY. The mission of EcoAlliances is to develop cost-effective and novel solutions to today’s challenging global environmental problems.

Marty has studied environmental and systems science issues extensively. He developed numerous cost effective and innovative methods to deal with climate change for over 15 years. In addition, Marty is a stone artist and has developed a green way of manufacturing marble and granite products utilizing stone remnants to make unique products.

He has an extensive background in organizational and personal efficiency and has developed numerous methods to help businesses and individuals function more productively and effectively. He has also a computer consultant and has studied computer efficiency extensively, He has developed several programs to help users maximize their technological efficiency and proficiency. His computer design, teaching and productivity firm is entitled Computer Woodstock www.computerwoodstock.com.

He brings his extensive training and background in organizational efficiency and dynamics to the ecological field and believes strongly that the serious climactic challenges can be overcome by utilizing principles of efficiency. His focus is therefore on cost-effective means of intervention with low risk and maximum benefits. He is exceptionally dedicated to this challenge as he believes that we must effectively learn to manage with today’s ecological issues if we are to stabilize the global environment ecologically, economically and socially.

Other sites developed by Marty Korn:

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Woodstock Ecology is devoted to helping to develop an artistic “woice & vision” for ecology. Events will be organized through the year and a full 3-day Woodstock Ecology Festival is planned for 2018.

Woodstock Dreams Media
Marty is involved in Creative Media Production through his company Woodstock Dreams Media.

Why Woodstock
A comprehensive resource and creativity center for Woodstock, NY.