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This is a time of rapid technological advances and unprecedented global expansion. Although these exciting developments have resulted in numerous scientific and social benefits, they have not come without significant costs. We are now facing unprecedented ecological challenges and environmental threats. These threats include global warming, nuclear proliferation, loss of bio diversity, overpopulation, and pollution among many many others.

Primate and ChildWe are now entering a critical juncture in human existence. There is widespread concern that we are unprepared to cope effectively with these new challenges and problems. Any one of these threats could potentially overwhelm our ability to contain the negative effects, potentially resulting in a global-wide catastrophe.

EcoAlliances was developed in order to develop develop cost effective means of dealing with these new environmental challenges.

The EcoAlliances Mission

EcoAlliances was founded with a three-fold mission:

  • To develop cost effective means of dealing with the environmental challenges of today.
  • To help develop and foster alliances between organizations and initiatives devoted to studying and coping with ecological problems and environmental threats.
  • To raise funds to support both research as well as active initiatives attempting to cope with the developing crises.